At the moment, building projects with a total area of 2000 square meters in the wider area of Larissa are in the study-licensing phase and in progress of construction.


Staffed with a creative team of all specialties and fully equipped with the best equipment, the company responds immediately to a wide range of demands from our customers and implements innovative and demanding projects.

Our ambitious and experienced associates ensure that the company's principles are strictly adhered to and high-level services are delivered within timescales with a high sense of responsibility.



The 2-level detached house of 140 sq.m. in Giannouli was radically renovated in combination with an energy upgrade as part of the “SAVE AT HOME” program to house the needs of a family of five.

The design style was radically changed without changing its area, allowing more direct communication with the surrounding space, while the comfort conditions were improved by upgrading the heating systems and the thermal insulation of the shell.


New construction of a four-storey building with 2 houses (2 maisonettes) with a total area of 300 sq.m. with underground auxiliary spaces and parking spaces.

The design of the construction creates the feeling of a single detached house allowing to ensure the privacy of the users. Selected use of a combination of materials to improve the aesthetic effect of the facades and interior spaces.


Complete renovation of the existing recreation area of Vrysis Tyrnavou-Ag. Anna with a total area of 15,000 sq.m.

As part of the public project of the regeneration of the Vrysis Tyrnavos site, we have environmentally restored the point of the natural springs of the karst complex Ag. Annas negating their subsequent covering with concrete. There was also a complete change of the urban equipment of the park with the creation of new seating areas – pergolas and outdoor grills.

The population of the wider area was handed over an upgraded landmark with possibilities for quality recreation.


New construction of a five-storey building with 6 houses with a total area of 650 sq.m. on Pilotis with underground utility rooms.

The interesting morphology of the face combined with the unobstructed view offered by the location of the building create a distinct structure at the northern entrance of the city of Larissa.

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